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Workmans comp insurance coverage offers protection for employees injured on the job. A state required coverage, workmans compensation insurance is offered by private insurance companies in many locations, while there are state run plans in other places. This coverage offers protection for both the employer and the employee when there are injuries on the job.

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The Reason For Workmans Comp Insurance

Prior to the creation of workman's compensation insurance in the early 1900's, an employee with a job related injury would usually have to sue their employer for medical care payment. This resulted in many expensive lawsuits against companies, and cases taking a long time to be resolved. As a no-fault insurance coverage, workmans comp insurance does away with the need to prove responsibility. This insurance pays for medical care regardless of whose fault the injury was.

As a state required insurance coverage, workmans compensation insurance quickly handles medical bills resulting from on the job injuries. It also handles disability claims and pays for time away from work that is a direct result of job related injuries. With this important insurance coverage, employee injuries are handled very quickly and fairly., employer costs related to employee injuries are reduced when workman's comp insurance coverage is present. An employee getting coverage under these policies waive their right to bring a tort lawsuit against their employer due to the job related injuries. This has resulted in a smaller number of employee lawsuits, thus a sharp reduction in employer costs. By waiving the right to sue, an employee has access to guaranteed, quick medical attention, as well as disability payments.

Workman compensation insurance brings benefits to both the employee and the employer. Job related injuries are handled quickly in a manner that brings reduced costs to the company. Everyone wins in the end!

Workmans Compensation Insurance Quotes

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