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If you have employees, you are probably required to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers comp is state-required, no-fault insurance coverage that covers workers injured while doing their job., to get FREE, no-obligation quotes for workers compensation insurance from leading business insurance providers.

Generally, if you have a certain number of employees (varies by state, but is generally around 4 employees), you are required to carry some form of workers compensation insurance. In most states, private insurance companies offer workers comp coverage to employers. There are a handful of states where the state itself is the only source of this coverage., workers compensation insurance is meant to provide benefits to employees that were hurt while performing their job. It is a no-fault insurance, which means that employees don't have to prove their employers were responsible for their injuries. The injury just has to occur while performing a job in order for the benefits to be available.

When an employee takes advantage of workers compensation insurance coverage, they are agreeing to not bring a tort lawsuit against their employer. In exchange for agreeing to this, the employee is guaranteed quick medical care and is able to be reimbursed for time away from work due to the injuries.

Because of the way workers comp is set up, it protects both the employer and the employee., guaranteeing medical coverage for on the job injuries and eliminating the need for the employee to sue for this coverage, workers comp streamlines the process when a work related injury occurs. Not only is this coverage usually a requirement for employers meeting certain requirements, it is also a great idea to eliminate many headaches for both the employer and employee.

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