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There are three parties involved in the issuing of a surety bond, also called surety insurance - the company issuing the bond (the surety) which guarantees the performance or contractual obligation of the primary party (the principle) for the benefit of who the primary party is performing work for (the obligee). Put more simply, surety bonds guarantee that what a person or company says they will do is actually done, or the recipient of the work will be financially reimbursed by the surety bond company that issued the guarantee.

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Why Surety Bond Companies Exist

Three separate parties are involved in a surety bond. The person or company that is going to perform the work, or contractual obligation, is known as the principle. The recipient of the work, or contract, is known as the obligee. The company that guarantees that the work will be performed is known as the surety, which is usually an insurance carrier. If the principle is not able to perform their contractual obligations, then the surety company will reimburse the client, or,

Depending on the industry, and purpose, there are different surety bonds that offer the needed guarantee. Calling it surety insurance would be inaccurate, as a surety bond is a form of credit, as opposed to being an insurance product.

Surety companies can issue different types of bonds, such as contract and commercial bonds. A requirement of many government agencies, a commercial bond guarantees the performance of a company. Businesses such as car dealers, travel agencies, and health clubs may be required to be bonded.

Surety bond companies also issue bonds that guarantee contractual performance, such as construction bonds, bid bonds and site improvement bonds.

A quality surety company should be able to give you surety bond quotes that meet your exact need. It pays to get quotes from multiple surety companies to ensure you are getting the proper coverage at the best rates.

Surety Insurance Quotes

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surety insurance bond quotes

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