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A student health insurance plan is for college students that don't have coverage through their parents and want a better option than what their school provides., with the ability to offer year-round coverage, a student health insurance plan is a great way to get access to affordable medical care while attending school. Visit eHealthInsurance to get FREE, no-obligation, instant quotes for student health insurance plans from top health insurance providers.

As a college student, you need a health plan that meets your needs. While you might have medical coverage through your parent's plan while at home, the school you attend may by outside your parent's insurance coverage area. While your school may offer basic medical coverage, it may not be the comprehensive coverage you really would like., student health insurance policy may be the perfect solution to your medical coverage problem.

You will have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for a student health insurance plan. These include being between the ages of 17 and 29, being enrolled in a state accredited college or university, be taking at least 9 credits or be enrolled as a full-time student, and be attending school in the United States. Under a student health insurance plan you have coverage all year long, not just during the school year, and you have coverage as you travel within the United States, its possessions, and Canada.

You can keep coverage under most student health insurance plans after you are done with school, or if you decide to drop out of college. The only requirement is that you keep coverage for at least 31 days as a full-time student before you leave school. This allows you to maintain a health insurance policy while you seek employment, or otherwise find coverage under a more permanent health insurance plan.

Easily compare student health insurance plan options by visiting eHealthInsurance., online interface allows you to compare your options online and see plan pricing without leaving your computer. Once you have decided on the right plan for your situation, you can even apply for coverage using eHealthInsurance's secure website. The prices you pay for a plan through eHealthInsurance are the same that you would pay for a particular plan elsewhere as premiums are set by a state's Department of Insurance.

Visit eHealthInsurance today to get your instant, FREE, no-obligation quotes for student health insurance coverage right from the comforts of your computer.