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As a full-time college student, you may have health insurance through your school or your parents. However, if you either do not have health coverage this way, or it is insufficient, then consider student health insurance plans. These student insurance plans are a great way to get the medical coverage you need at affordable prices., go online to find the right student health insurance plan for you.

The leading Internet destination for health insurance plans is eHealthInsurance. With eHealthInsurance you are able to compare available student health plans and see what plan is right for you. Get no-obligation student health plan quotes and even purchase coverage right from your computer.

Basics of Student Health Insurance Plans

Student health insurance plans work a bit differently than a typical health insurance plan and there a few things to be aware of, including:

  • To apply for a student insurance plan, you have to be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student between the ages of 17 and 29.
  • You have to be attending a state-accredited university or college located in the US.
  • You are covered anywhere in the United States (including US possessions) and Canada, but not in other countries.
  • Coverage from student insurance plans is provided throughout the year, even when you are not attending classes.
  • You may seek care from any doctor or hospital, but you will most likely pay less out-of-pocket if you seek medical care from an in-network doctor or facility.
  • You can keep the student health insurance plan once you graduate, or even if you drop out of school, as long as you were a full-time student for at least 31 days prior to leaving college.
  • As long as you keep paying the premium, the student health plan policy is renewable for as long as you need it. This is great to have once you graduate and are looking for your first job., be aware that student health plans do not cover you for every eventuality. Therefore, you need to understand the limits of your policy before you purchase coverage. eHealthInsurance explains what coverages are included and what are excluded in a very easy to understand format.

Getting Quotes for Student Insurance Plans

The student insurance plan quotes you get from eHealthInsurance are the lowest possible for each particular plan. Health insurance premiums are regulated by individual states so the quotes you get from eHealthInsurance are going to be identical to those you get from a local broker or directly from the provider. Easily get quotes and compare health insurance plans with,, saving you valuable time.

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