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Small Group Health Insurance Coverage

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Small group health insurance coverage is a great benefit to offer for any company with employees. Not only will your employees have the health insurance they want, as the business owner, you can get coverage for your family. Health coverage is near the top of the list of what prospective employees consider before deciding to take a position, so by offering group health coverage you have the ability to attract the caliber of workers you deserve.

Locating group health insurance rates can be very time consuming and take you away from running your business. By using NetQuote, you are able to quickly request group health insurance quotes from multiple insurance agents, allowing you to easily compare your options. As the leading online insurance marketplace,, is your one-stop source for getting FREE, no-obligation group health insurance rate quotes from local and national insurance agents, making the process of finding group coverage about as easy as it can be.

Small Group Health Insurance Coverage Types

Two types of small group health insurance coverage exist: indemnity and managed care plans. Indemnity plans were popular a couple of decades ago, but because they usually have a higher price tag and require you to be heavily involved in the claims process, they have been replaced in popularity by the more affordable, and easier to deal with, managed care plans.

You will find three main types of managed care group health coverage plans currently available, including:

  • PPO - The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan gives you a great deal of flexibility in choosing what doctor you wish to see, as long as they are part of your PPO network. If you seek medical care outside of your network, you will be stuck with the additional costs. Usually, you will have to satisfy an annual deductible each year before the plan starts paying for treatment, and you may have to pay a percentage of the medical bills after you have satisfied your annual deductible.
  • HMO - The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan requires that you have a primary doctor that is in charge of all of your health care and will refer you to other doctors as necessary. The trade-off for this reduced flexibility in seeking medical care is lower monthly costs, the possibility of no annual deductible, and better preventative care coverage.
  •, - The Point of Service (POS) plan blends features from PPOs and HMOs. Like an HMO, you need a primary doctor that refers you to specialists. Like a PPO, you can seek care outside of your network, but your out-of-pocket expenses will be higher.

It is best to consult with a health care insurance professional when deciding which type of coverage is the best fit for your company. Fortunately,, when you use NetQuote's FREE, no-obligation service, you are connected to multiple group health insurance agents that are able to discuss your group health needs. This allows you to become an educated consumer and make the best choice for your employees and for your company.

FREE, No-obligation Group Health Insurance Rate Quotes

Requesting FREE, no-obligation group health insurance rate quotes through NetQuote means that you are quickly able to get quotes for the health coverage you are looking for, leaving you with more time to actually run your company. NetQuote has the largest online network of local and national health insurance agents and is able to connect you with several that are willing to work with you and provide you with rate quotes for the group health coverage you are looking for.

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