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Offering your employees health coverage with an affordable group health insurance plan is one way to attract and keep the best workers as health benefits are something most employees desire. Besides the amount of money they make, health coverage from a group health plan is something prospective employees consider when job searching. Small group health insurance plans are one tool you can use to make your company more competitive in attracting top talent.

Finding small group health plans that are appropriate for your company is incredibly easy when you use NetQuote, the Internet's top insurance quote source. By partnering with thousands of local and national insurance agents,, is able to provide you with FREE, no-obligation quotes for group coverage. After completing a simple, secure online form on NetQuote's website, you quickly receive back quotes for the coverage you are looking for, allowing you to easily compare your options and choose a plan that is right for your business.

Group Health Insurance Plan Options

There are two categories of small group health insurance plans - indemnity plans and managed care plans. Indemnity plans use to be very popular, but because they required plan participants to be heavily involved in the claims process, and tended to be more expensive, they have been replaced in popularity by managed care plans.

Following are the three types of managed care health plans:

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) -, main advantage a PPO has over an HMO is the ability to seek care from whatever physician you wish, assuming they are part of your PPO network. This flexibility generally comes with a higher monthly cost, but many people are willing to pay for the ability to seek care from any doctor in the network without first getting a referral.
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) - With an HMO, you are required to pick one doctor who oversees your health care, including referring you to any in-network specialists you may need to see. An HMO may also cover more preventative care when compared to a PPO, but gives you considerably less flexibility in seeking care from any provider you want to see. However, because of the reduced cost, HMOs are a fairly common choice in group health plans.
  • POS (Point of Service) - POS plans combine PPO and HMO features into a plan that requires you to choose a primary care physician, but gives you more flexibility in seeking care from the providers you wish to see. You can go outside of your network, but this will usually result in higher deductibles and other costs which you will be responsible for., before settling on a group health insurance plan, you need to decide which type will best benefit your employees and your company. Fortunately, NetQuote makes it very easy to locate health insurance agents that are able to best explain your options and the costs involved with each type of group health plan. By discussing your needs with a professional, you are able to make an informed decision when it comes to offering health insurance coverage to your employees.

FREE, No-Obligation Group Health Plan Quotes

Through their extensive network of local and national insurance agents, NetQuote is able to quickly provide you with FREE, no-obligation quotes from more than one provider, allowing you to quickly make sense of the available coverage options. Discussing your options with someone who is very familiar with affordable group health insurance plans is the best way to easily find a plan that is affordable, yet offers the coverage most employees are looking for.

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