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Working for yourself is a great experience, but with it comes responsibilities you don't have as an employee, such as buying medical coverage., you have a couple of choices when it comes to self employed medical insurance coverage, as outlined below. The Internet is a big help in deciding on the right medical insurance for the self employed coverage, giving you the ability to quickly compare your medical plan options.

Use eHealthInsurance, the leading online destination for finding medical plans, to find the best coverage for you and your family. When you visit eHealthInsurance, you get instant access to FREE, no-obligation medical insurance quotes, allowing you to research and compare your health coverage options. From the comforts of your desk, you are able to compare medical insurance plans, and even purchase coverage, all without having to waste time calling individual providers.

Types of Self Employed Medical Insurance, depending on your coverage needs, there are a couple of self employed medical insurance coverage options you could consider, such as:

  • Individual plans - If you only need coverage for yourself, then consider an individual medical plan. Such a plan offers coverage for just the named insured, and no other person.
  • Family plans - If you have a spouse, and/or children, that needs medical coverage, then consider a family plan. Members of your immediate family living in your household may be eligible for coverage under this type of a plan.
  • Group plans - If you have 2 or more full-time employees, including owners, then you may be eligible for coverage under a small group health insurance plan. With a group plan, everyone eligible for coverage has to be accepted, unlike an individual or family plan. This means those with pre-existing medical conditions that makes someone ineligible for an individual or family plan, may be able to be covered under a group plan.

When it comes to medical insurance for the self employed, eHealthInsurance is your one-stop source for information pertaining to coverage., can compare medical plans online with eHealthInsurance, and quickly narrow down your options. Once you have decided on a plan that meets your needs, you can even apply for coverage through eHealthInsurance. It has never been easier to find the right health coverage for you and your family!

Medical Insurance for Self Employed Quotes

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