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Whether you have a motorhome, a travel trailer, or a 5th wheel, you need to have RV insurance coverage. Recreational vehicle insurance is specialized coverage created by experts who know how RVs are used, not just glorified car insurance. While there are several RV insurance companies that offer cheap RV insurance, you really need to get an RV insurance quote online from the industry leader to find the right combination of coverage benefits and RV insurance rates., is more to choosing a recreational vehicle insurance policy than just the price. You have to look at the features and benefits of a particular plan, as well as the service the RV insurance company can provide you. Good Sam VIP recreation vehicle insurance is a leading provider of RV coverage, backed by GMAC insurance, the number one recreational vehicle insurance company. Get FREE, no-obligation online RV insurance quotes from Good Sam VIP to locate a policy that is affordable while offering comprehensive coverage. Don't settle for a policy pretending to have the right coverage for your rig - go with the industry leader and get a policy that truly protects your prized possession.

RV insurance quotes

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Coverage Features and Benefits, no matter if you are looking for motorhome insurance or trailer insurance, you have to know what features and benefits the coverage offers your mobile condo. Before you spend money on a policy, ensure it has the right coverage for the way you use your rig. Some of the features of Good Sam VIP recreational vehicle insurance plans are listed below:

  • RV Claims Experts - If you ever find yourself needing to use your RV insurance coverage, it will be nice to know that your claim will be processed by specialists that truly understand your rig and its systems. This makes the process of getting back on the road a much smoother and more pleasant experience.
  • Storage Option - There may be periods of time when you are not using your recreational vehicle, and as long as the time period is at least 30 days, you can reduce some coverages on your policy to save you money. Adding the coverage back once you are ready to start traveling is easy with your Good Sam VIP policy.
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage - You have the option of purchasing full replacement cost coverage for your rig as long as it is no more than 5 years old. This optional coverage protects you from depreciation if you have to replace your vehicle. This can be a huge money savings since many new RVs depreciate quite rapidly.
  • Coverage for Full Timers - Those that live in their RVs year-round can get coverage comparable to that offered by a homeowners insurance policy since they will usually be without this coverage. Only a specialized policy offers this type of full coverage and is invaluable for those that live in their rigs full time.
  • Coverage for Personal Belongings - $3000 worth of personal belongings coverage comes with all Good Sam VIP plans, with the option to purchase more coverage as needed. This is full replacement cost coverage for the personal items that you bring with you on your travels.

There are many other features and benefits you get when you choose Good Sam to be your RV insurance company., RVers don't have the right amount, or type, of coverage. Don't be one of the many with the wrong kind of recreational vehicle insurance coverage! Take a few minutes today to find out what your premium will be - you may be surprised at how affordable the Good Sam VIP coverage is while providing you with the full coverage your home away from home requires.

FREE, No-Obligation RV Insurance Quotes Online

Visit the Good Sam VIP website today and get a FREE, no-obligation cheap RV insurance quote online. The RV insurance rates offered by Good Sam are very competitive and offer coverages that a traditional auto insurance policy does not. Your rig deserves the best protection which Good Sam and GMAC provide it, at a premium that makes your pocketbook happy.

Many motorhome and travel trailer owners make the mistake of thinking a traditional auto policy provides the protection their rig needs. In most cases this is not the case - you need a specialized policy to provide the protection your vehicle needs, which is where Good Sam VIP comes in.

Get your FREE, no-obligation RV insurance quote today by visiting the Good Sam VIP website. Don't start your next trip without having the best coverage for your rig in place - contact Good Sam today!

RV insurance quote

Good Sam VIP Coverage vs. a Traditional Auto Policy

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Auto Insurance
RV Claims Specialists - If you have to make a claim, then you need to work with a representative that understands RVs and what it takes to fix them.checkmarkno-x
Full Replacement Cost Coverage (optional) - If your RV is totaled, you will get a new rig (see Good Sam VIP website for details), not a depreciated payout that would leave you with far less than what it costs to replace what you had.checkmarkno-x
Full Replacement Coverage for Personal Belongings - Get $3,000 worth of coverage automatically (for clothes, electronics, appliances, sporting goods, etc.), with higher limits available. Items replaced at new cost, not depreciated value. No deductible (with an auto policy, personal items would likely have to be covered under a homeowners policy, which has a deductible).checkmarkno-x
Full Replacement Coverage for Permanent Attachments - Generators, awnings, levelers, TV antennas, satellite dishes, etc., are replaced at what they cost new, not at a depreciated value. Auto policies, assuming they even cover these items, typically only give depreciated values.checkmarkno-x
Full-Timer Coverage Option - If you live in your rig full-time, you probably don't have a homeowners policy and are missing the extra protection afforded by it. With full-timers coverage, you get the personal liability protection and additional personal belongings coverage that you wouldn't have otherwise.checkmarkno-x
Storage Option - Most people don't use their RVs every day of every month. If you are going to put yours in storage for at least 30 days, you can suspend liability and collision coverage, leaving just comprehensive coverage active (protects against fire, theft, storms, etc.), saving you money when you are not actively using your rig.checkmarkno-x
Hitch Coverage - Your entire hitch assembly (fifth wheel or towed vehicle) has full replacement cost coverage. Most auto policies may not cover all hitch related components, and if they do, they probably only pay depreciated amounts.checkmarkno-x
Emergency Expenses - If you have a covered accident more than 100 miles away from your home, this helps cover food, lodging, and travel expenses while your rig is being repaired.checkmarkno-x
24/7 Claims Assistance by an RV Specialist - If you have a claim, you talk to someone who understands RVs and how they differ from other vehicles. With a regular auto policy you are doing well if the person you talk to knows what RV stands for.checkmarkno-x
No Charge For New Parts - If parts of your motorhome need to be replaced, there is no charge for the use of new parts. There are no wear and tear depreciations that many companies use to reduce their costs.checkmarkunlikely
Multi-Vehicle Discount - Your RV and personal cars/trucks can be covered under one policy, which makes you eligible for up to a 20% total policy discount.checkmarkmaybe
Discounted Rates for Good Sam Club Members - Join Good Sam Club for less than $2 per month and receive even lower rates, in addition to everything else that comes with being a Good Sam member.checkmarkno-x
Additional RV Specific Coverages - Visit the Good Sam VIP website to see what other advantages they offer over a traditional auto insurance policy.checkmarkno-x

Bottom line: An auto policy is good coverage for personal cars and trucks, but is lacking when it comes to covering your rig. Get a dedicated RV policy to have the proper type of coverage for your traveling home.

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