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RV Extended Warranty Quotes

Extended RV Warranty? How About An Extended Service Plan?

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If you have a recreational vehicle, you may have considered getting an RV extended warranty for added protection. Instead, you should consider an extended service plan, or ESP. Actually not technically an RV warranty, an ESP is mechanical breakdown insurance, and as such complies with strict insurance regulations. RV extended warranties sometimes don't give you the coverage you need, and really can do more harm than good since they are not regulated like an insurance product. If you are considering an extended RV warranty, give thought to the Good Sam Extended Service Plan., is the world's largest recreational vehicle owners community, offering many services and products tailored to you, the RV owner. RV warranties only cover so much and for only so long. Choose a Good Sam Extended Service Plan to get coverage above and beyond the typical RV warranty so that you will have piece of mind in your travels. The point of using your recreational vehicle is to relax and enjoy life. Eliminate the worries of what to do if something mechanical should break by getting a Good Sam Extended Service Plan.

RV extended warranty quotes

More Than An RV Extended Warranty

Whether you have a motorhome or a trailer, you should consider mechanical breakdown insurance coverage. Much more than RV extended warranty, mechanical breakdown insurance is an actual insurance product, having to conform to insurance regulations. What does this mean to you? Because it is a regulated insurance product, you will run into less issues trying to use it versus a fly-by-night extended RV warranty. That alone is worth its weight in gold!, will protect you from the high costs you face when you suffer a mechanical breakdown of your motorhome or travel trailer. This prevents you from facing a potentially very high repair bill so that you can get your rig back on the road and start seeing America. Pay a little now for the plan and have the potential to save a great deal of money should you have a mechanical issue down the road.If you have a problem, you will be glad that you have this coverage!

Most major systems are covered under an extended service plan, including many that would be very expensive to fix and may not be covered by RV extended warranties. Covered systems typically range from a motorhome's major drivetrain components to electrical and plumbing systems, to major appliances. You can even get coverage for your car, truck, or SUV! Travel the country without having to worry about what to do if there is a mechanical issue with your rig, tow vehicle, or toad.

When you have coverage under the Good Sam Extended Service Plan and experience a mechanical breakdown, you simply use the services of any repair facility that is able to perform the required work. You have complete freedom to choose a recreational vehicle repair center and Good Sam will work with the service provider to diagnose and repair the problem. You may even be eligible for travel expense coverage if the mechanical breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from your home. See the below comparison chart to see how the Good Sam Extended Service Plan compares to manufacturer and extended RV warranties.

Need an Extended RV Warranty? Consider an Extended Service Plan Instead

Instead of an extended RV warranty, choose the Good Sam Extended Service Plan., save money on the most expensive repairs you will face as a recreation vehicle owner - money you can spend on your trips instead of fixing your rig. Because the Good Sam ESP offers more than what a typical RV extended warranty does, it is the best choice for recreational vehicle owners. For peace of mind, choose a real insurance product instead of a fly-by-night extended RV warranty!

As the below comparison chart illustrates, the Good Sam ESP goes way above and beyond the typical extended warranty product, and is even better (in some circumstances) than the manufacturer warranty. As long as your rig is less than 12 years old and has less than 80,000 miles, it is eligible for coverage under this plan. Get your free quote today and see how affordable this invaluable coverage is for your motorhome or travel trailer.

Get your FREE, no-obligation quote for a Good Sam Extended Service Plan today and quite worrying about what will happen should you encounter a mechanical issue with your rig. After all, you deserve to enjoy your travels worry-free and you deserve to have any issue that comes up taken care of quickly and affordably.

RV extended warranty quotes

Good Sam Extended Service Plan Compared To Other Options

Good Sam ESP*Manufacturer Warranty**Extended Warranty***
New or Used - You can purchase Good Sam ESP coverage for rigs 12 years old or newer and with less than 80,000 miles.checkmarkno-xcheckmark
Parts and Labor Coverage - Some manufacturer warranties only cover the cost of replacement parts, leaving it up to the owner to pay for the potentially very expensive labor costs. While an extended warranty usually covers labor, it doesn't while the original warranty is in force.checkmarkmaybecheckmark
Deductible - Good Sam ESP requires a per occurrence deductible (not a per item deductible), which is not required with the original warranty. You choose the deductible level with Good Sam, ranging from $100 to $500 per occurrence. The higher your deductible, the lower the cost for your ESP coverage.checkmarkno-xmaybe
No-Fee Transfer - Good Sam ESP lets you transfer an existing contract to the new owner of your RV, if you sell it (this makes for a great selling point), or to a new rig that you purchase, at no additional cost. A manufacturer's warranty may only apply to the original owner, and most extended warranties will have a transfer fee.checkmarkmaybeno-x
Warranty Overlap - Good Sam ESP coverage starts right away, not after the manufacturer's warranty has expired, which is the case for most extended warranties. This means you can take immediate advantage of the extensive coverage Good Sam ESP provides.checkmarkno-xno-x
Freedom of Choice - Good Sam ESP doesn't have a service center network, which means you can take your rig to the service center of your choice. Good Sam will coordinate the repair with the service center, and will pay the repairing facility directly.checkmarkmaybemaybe
Limited Mileage/Usage - Good Sam ESP does not limit the number of miles put on an RV each year, unlike some extended warranties. Good Sam Extended Service Plan lets you drive as much as you want each year, up to a 150,000 lifetime mileage cap for motorhomes. Original manufacturer's warranty will have a mileage limit, as well as a time limit, after which they will no longer provide
Coverage Duration Controlled By You - You can renew your Good Sam ESP on an annual basis, until your RV is 16 years old, or has 150,000 miles. This allows you to continue coverage as you see fit. A typical extended warranty is for a fixed period of time, as are manufacturer's warranties.checkmarkno-xno-x
A+ Rated Underwriter - Good Sam ESP is backed by an A+ rated insurance underwriter, which means they will be there for you when you need to use your plan.checkmarkno-xmaybe
Travel Expenses Coverage - If your RV is not useable while having a covered item repaired, and you are more than 100 miles away from your home (or are a full-timer), Good Sam will reimburse you up to $100 per day, for 10 days, for lodging and meals, and up to $60 a day, for 10 days, for a rental car (rental car reimbursement does not apply to a travel trailer or 5th wheel).checkmarkno-xmaybe
Routine Maintenance Coverage - No warranty or service plan covers routine maintenance, only unexpected breakdowns and equipment failures. It is up to the RV owner to maintain their rig per the manufacturer's recommendations, which is a requirement of Good Sam ESP in order to maintain full
Backed by Good Sam Club - Good Sam Club is the world's largest organization of RV owners, and is the force behind Good Sam ESP. Designed to offer the RV owner protection against mechanical breakdown, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan gives you the piece of mind you need to enjoy your trips away from home.checkmarkno-xno-x

*Good Sam Extended Service Plan (ESP) - Unlike an RV extended warranty, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan is a government regulated insurance policy that is backed by an A-rated underwriter, which means that they will be there for you when you need the coverage the most. Don't settle for a second-rate extended warranty when you can purchase actual mechanical breakdown insurance coverage from an industry leader. For additional information about what is, and isn't, covered by a Good Sam ESP policy, to view a sample contract, and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please visit Good Sam's website.

**Manufacturer Warranty - The company that builds the RV will warranty their work against defects for a certain amount of time (usually one year), or a certain number of miles. Each component in an RV, of which there are many, will usually have a separate warranty. This includes the engine, the chassis, all the appliances, etc.

***Extended Warranty - An extended warranty picks up where the original manufacturer's warranty ends, so it isn't applicable while the original warranty is in force. It can be issued by a dealership, or by the plan administrator. It is a service contract that operates differently than an insurance policy, and is generally not regulated by a government entity. There are good extended warranties, and there are shady ones. Buyer beware!

RV extended warranty quotes