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A Renters Insurance Success Story

Posted 28 February 2011
Comments Off, renters insurance is an affordable way to get personal property and basic liability coverage when you rent, instead of own, the place in which you live. Unfortunately, many renters go without this affordable coverage, which is a critical error should something happen. This article highlights one example of a renter that was fortunate to benefit from their renters insurance policy when disaster struck their apartment building.

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Motorhome Insurance Coverage For The Majority Of Us

Posted 31 January 2011
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Most people that have a motorhome are considered to be casual RV users. This is in comparison to those that use their RVs as their full-time residences. Casual RV users need the right type of coverage for their rig, so that they have the coverage they need in case they have an incident. A motorhome insurance policy is different from a typical auto policy, so get the right type of coverage for your motorhome.

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Allstate Reduces California Renter’s Insurance Rates

Posted 10 January 2011
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Renters insurance is an important coverage for those that rent the place they live instead of actually owning the property. There is good news for California renters - effective last month Allstate Insurance has reduced the price of renters insurance, which is always a good thing.

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Make Sure You Have The Right Insurance If You Own A Pool

Posted 1 October 2010
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As a homeowner,, need to ensure you have the right type of insurance for every possible liability that you might face. Owning a pool presents a whole new set of potential liabilities that a non-pool owning homeowner does not necessarily face. Consider additional insurance protection if you have a backyard pool.

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