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New Government Health Insurance Website

Posted by Marshall on 2 August 2010, current health care reform movement is really shaking up the way that we will be getting health insurance coverage in the future. The process of researching and selecting an affordable private health insurance plan is changing, with new regulations needing to be met and choices being tailored to meet the new rules in the upcoming years. If you are in need of an affordable health insurance plan, you are going to need all the help you can get to make an informed decision.

The US government is helping educate citizens with a new website they developed, The Obama administration has been pushing to get easy to use information regarding healthcare reform to the American public, and as of the first of July,, is their latest effort.

This new website allows you to learn about the new healthcare reform laws, find your insurance options and tell you about any public options that may be available (assuming you qualify). does not replace the current websites that let you get healthcare insurance plan quotes because it does not give you actual quotes for coverage. Instead, it tells you what private health insurance plans are available in your area and tells you how to contact the company for a quote.

You can quickly find out how many companies offer health insurance coverage that you may be eligible for by answering a few simple questions. You first select your state and then tell the website who you are looking for coverage for. Then you answer a couple of questions, which helps the website determine what type of plan you may need. You are then presented with a list of companies that offer coverage in your ZIP code.

When it comes to finding health insurance coverage, the key is to know what your options are and how much coverage is going to cost you., tells you who provides coverage, but does not tell you what this coverage will cost you. The best way to find cheap insurance quotes is to use a health insurance aggregator website that gives you instant coverage quotes for plans that meet your needs.

To get a free online quote, you enter some simple information regarding who you need coverage for, and then you are instantly presented with monthly premium amounts for plans that fit your needs. You can then apply for coverage online, without ever picking up the telephone.

Use to become educated about your healthcare plan options, as well as the new changes due to healthcare reform, then go to another website to get your instant coverage quote to see what plan is affordable, yet offers you the coverage you need.

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