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When it comes to finding the best individual health insurance provider, you have to understand your coverage options. There are three types of managed care health insurance for individuals, as outlined below. Finding the right low cost individual health insurance coverage is easier if you make use of the resources found on the Internet., is the top online destination for affordable individual health insurance plans, with more than 10,000 health insurance products available. Comparing individual health coverage options is easy with eHealthInsurance, with the ability to get FREE, no-obligation quotes and even apply for coverage online.

Types of Individual Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance for individuals comes in the following three main types:

  • PPO - Giving you flexibility to choose your health care providers is the hallmark of a Preferred Provider Organization. You can see any in-network provider of your choosing and can even go outside of your network, though doing so will result in you incurring higher costs. There typically is an annual deductible associated with a PPO, as well as co-payments and coinsurance (the percentage of a medical procedure you are responsible for), resulting in higher out of pocket costs.
  • HMO - Lower costs and less flexibility are what Health Maintenance Organizations are known for. You have to pick a primary care physician who is responsible for your healthcare, including referrals to specialists. You probably won't have an annual deductible you'll need to meet, however you will have access to more preventive health care coverage. Be aware that if you choose to seek coverage outside of your network, or from a specialist without the proper referral, the HMO will not provide any coverage and you will be stuck paying all the resulting medical bills.
  • POS - Combine some features from an HMO and some from a PPO and you get a Point of Service plan., primary care doctor will be chosen from the network of physicians. Visits to this doctor usually are not subject to a deductible, though coverage sought outside of your network will most likely be subject to an annual deductible and lower coverage levels.

While low cost individual health insurance is definitely attainable, you need to understand the differences in the various types of plans. Finding the best, affordable individual health insurance provider is made easier when you visit eHealthInsurance and make use of their resources.

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