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Life Insurance Leads For Agents

Pre-Qualified Life Insurance Sales Leads - Get 15 FREE Life Leads!

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Life insurance leads for agents are the lifeblood for those selling this coverage. Without them, there is no way to grow your business. When you have access to pre-qualified life insurance sales leads, it is much easier to make the sale and grow your business. With the right life leads, your growth potential is limitless. Where do you go to get those important, pre-qualified life insurance leads that are so vital to the success of your business?

As the leading online life insurance sale lead generation service, NetQuote is the only life insurance sales leads source that you may need. No matter what type of lead you need, NetQuote is your one-stop source for prospects looking for the coverage you are selling. When you join NetQuote today, you receive 15 pre-qualified, targeted, FREE life leads that will bring you ready-to-buy prospects. Selling coverage doesn't get any easier than when you have prospects fed to you, eager to purchase the products you are offering.

Get life insurance leads for agents

Quality Pre-Qualified Life Insurance Leads For Agents

As the number one lead provider,, offers great service to the insurance industry. Much more than a life insurance sale lead provider, NetQuote becomes your partner, helping you grow your business. Make it much easier to sell the coverage you offer by using the leading life insurance lead generation service.

By partnering with NetQuote to be your source for insurance life leads, you get the following benefits from the top lead provider to the industry:

  • Consumers that are pre-qualified and actively looking for life products. In other words, targeted prospects that are looking for the exact coverage you are offering.
  • Total control of lead criteria, including ZIP code and other important filtering criteria. This means that you are getting prospects that fit your exact criteria, not useless information that doesn't do you a bit of good.
  • With six million leads sent out annually, NetQuote is the industry's top lead provider. Partner with the best to help grow your company and realize your full potential.
  • You only get high-quality leads that have been pre-screened using advanced quality control filters. Don't pay for prospects that won't convert. Go with the #1 source for quality leads from prospects eager to purchase coverage.
  • By joining NetQuote, you get access to FREE training through NetQuote University. Learn how to best utilize the information you are getting from NetQuote, to increase your conversion rate and grow your business.

When you have pre-qualified life insurance sales leads falling in your lap,, all that you need to do is close the deal to grow your business. Without a constant stream of new life leads, it is near impossible to expand your business. Join NetQuote today and partner with the top lead provider and see how much easier it is to sell coverage when you have access to a steady stream of pre-qualified prospects.

Leading Life Insurance Lead Generation Service

Prospect leads are what the industry lives on. Like it or not, access to prospects can make or break your business. Every agent has a certain marketing budget to try and bring in new customers, yet most don't use this money efficiently. Why would you want to spend money on low-quality prospects if there is an alternative? Try NetQuote for free and see firsthand what makes them the best.

You don't want to throw your money away by using anything less than the best life insurance lead generation service. You need to make sure your marketing money is being put to good use and is being used in the best possible way. NetQuote offers you the chance to get 15 FREE life insurance leads for agents by just signing up for their service. This is a risk-free way to test out the best source of pre-qualified life insurance leads by getting FREE leads valued up to $200.

Which would you rather do?, spend energy worrying about where your next sale is going to come from, or spend energy converting pre-qualified prospects that are looking for the exact coverage you are selling? There is no question that with a great source of quality leads, your job is much easier. It allows you to concentrate less on where your prospects are coming from, and more on converting prospects into paying customers.

Join NetQuote today and get 15 life insurance leads FREE. Start growing your business today and stop worrying about where your next prospect is coming from.

Get life insurance leads for agents

Why You Should Get Your Leads From NetQuote

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6+ Million Leads Distributed Each Year - NetQuote is the largest and oldest lead distribution service, providing insurance agents with targeted, pre-qualified leads from ready-to-buy consumers.checkmark
Lead Types - No matter the lines of business you carry, NetQuote most likely has you covered. They offer leads of the following types - auto, business, health (group, individual/family), home, life, Medicare, renters, and more!checkmark
Pre-Qualified - Get leads from consumers that are not only pre-qualified, but they are looking for the products you specialize in. It doesn't get any easier to sell when you have a constant source of quality potential customers.checkmark
High Quality - Advanced lead filtering systems are in place that take great measures to ensure only legitimate leads are distributed. Invalid and disconnected phone numbers are blocked, bogus names don't make it through, and intelligent content filtering result in less bad leads and more quality leads from real people interested in your products.checkmark
Affordable - NetQuote lead costs are based on type, volume and chosen area. There are no setup fees, annual contracts or volume requirements, which means NetQuote allows you to buy as many, or as little, leads as you wish.checkmark
Filter Criteria You Control - You control certain filters to get leads that match your criteria. Filter by ZIP code, risk and more. Only purchase leads that match your exacting criteria.checkmark
Real-Time - Leads are delivered to you in real-time, connecting you with prospects actively looking for coverage. Once a prospect completes NetQuote's online lead generation form, the information is checked for quality and distributed to agents based on criteria they select. You quickly get fresh leads via email, which allows you to promptly reply and become the agent of choice.checkmark
Exclusive Lead Management System - Organize and manage your leads with NetQuote's exclusive lead management system. With easy-to-use functionality that allows you to track the progression of your leads, and great tools such as an email auto-responder that lets you respond instantly to new prospects, this lead management system makes it easy to put your best foot forward.checkmark
Integration - NetQuote partners with top raters and lead management systems to seamlessly integrate into the systems that agents use. This includes top independent and carrier systems, and rating systems, letting you continue to use the systems that are familiar in conjunction with the quality leads NetQuote provides.checkmark
Member Benefits - NetQuote offers different membership levels - Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level offers access to top quality leads and agent tools, but the higher the membership level, the more specialized and personalized service you receive. Choose a level that fits your needs and get the leads you require to grow your business.checkmark
NetQuote University - Get tips from the experts on how to improve the rate at which you close the sale. This FREE educational service is available to all NetQuote members.checkmark
15 FREE leads (up to $200 value) - Get your 15 FREE leads today when you sign up with the industry's top lead provider.checkmark

Remember: NetQuote only provides you with pre-qualified leads. It is up to you to convert that lead into a sale by quickly, and professionally, handling the prospect, setting yourself apart from your competition. Don't expect miracles when you use NetQuote's lead service - you still need to close the deal and provide a quality product to your customers, which means you need to provide top-notch customer service and react quickly when you receive a new lead. Fortunately, NetQuote provides you with tools to make this process easier, but it is up to you to convert the prospect into a paying customer.

Get life insurance leads for agents