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Key Small Business Insurance Coverages

Posted on 15 August 2011

Small business insurance coverage is key to protecting your companies future. Every company faces some type of liability during the normal course of operating, so having small business insurance protection in place is vital to protect the company’s financial future. An unprotected company is one asking for trouble considering the myriad of lawsuit possibilities. Some industries are more prone to facing lawsuits, while others generally aren’t as risk prone. Of course, insurance rates will reflect this. Regardless of the industry your company is in, make sure that the proper protection is in place so that your financial future is protected., posted an article earlier this year that briefly touched on the different types of coverage a small business can purchase. Keep in mind that every situation is different, and in order to ensure your business has the right coverage in place you need to discuss your needs with a professional insurance agent well versed in your industry.

It is always a good idea to be familiar with the basic coverage types available to smaller companies before you discuss your particular needs with an agent. This allows you to understand what the person selling you a policy is talking about, and also so that you can discuss your needs intelligently. Here are some of the basic coverage types:

  • Liability - Probably one of the most important,, if not THE most important, policies any company can have is their liability policy. This protects a company against claims of personal injury and property damage resulting from an action taken by the company itself, or its employees. A liability policy acts as a cornerstone of coverage, upon which other, more specific policies are placed.
  • Property - Another basic policy that any business needs is property coverage. This pays for damages/losses of the equipment and physical items a company owns. For example, a property policy would come into play if there were a theft of company goods, or a fire that caused damage.
  • Workers comp - If you have a certain type or number of employees, you will need to purchase a workers compensation policy. Every state has different regulations dictating what companies need this coverage, but it is safe to say that if you have employees (other than you and maybe your significant other), you will need this policy. Designed to protect employees that are injured on the job, workers compensation insurance is a no-fault policy that pays for medical care and rehabilitation regardless of what caused the accident, or who was at fault. Generally the only stipulation is that the accident must occur during the normal course of an employee performing their job.
  • Bonds - Bonds are a specific type of coverage that either protect against employee theft (fidelity bonds), or guarantee that a company (or professional) will perform up to their contractual obligations (surety bonds). Some industries require a bond to be in place before licenses are issued (car sales, etc), and bonds are standard practice before bids can be placed for a contract (construction, government work, etc).

There are other types of coverage that a small company may consider getting, again, depending on what industry they are in. When it comes to discussing your specific coverage needs, and to find the best business insurance rates, you first need to find a competent agent. Get free business insurance rate quotes online, which allows you to connect with professionals in your area that specialize in the policy types you are seeking., business insurance companies are in the business of selling policies to companies needing protection against the liabilities they face. You should always compare coverage rates from multiple business insurance companies before deciding on which one to purchase a policy from. Remember - it isn’t always the company with the lowest rates you should go with. Consider the after purchase service that you will be getting - for example if you have to file a claim. It might be worth while paying a bit more for coverage from a provider that will offer superior service.

Visit our main Insurance Quotes Kingdom website to discover how easy it is to request free coverage for all types of insurance policies. Doing so online can save you a great deal of time versus picking up the phone and shopping for the right policy for your small business.

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