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Individual Medical Insurance Plans

Personal Medical Insurance Quotes - Individual Medical Coverage, are many individual medical insurance plans to choose from if you are looking for personal medical insurance coverage to help maintain your health. If you don't have medical insurance for individuals, you run the risk of never going to the doctor or, worse yet, facing a horrendous bill if you do. When it comes to individual medical coverage, there are two basic types of plans on the market and you need to know which individual medical plan is right for you.

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Kinds of Individual Medical Insurance Plans

There are two basic kinds of individual medical coverage, with fairly major differences between the two. These differences include what doctors you can see,, how insurance claims are handled, and what your costs are. Following is a brief explanation of the two types of coverage:

  • Indemnity Heath Plan - Offering a good amount of freedom when it comes to choosing where you seek medical care, an indemnity plan is the traditional fee-for-service medical plan. You don't need to have a referral to see specialists, but you may need to pay for services up front and then handle your own claim paperwork to be reimbursed the "usual, customary and reasonable" amount. You will most likely have higher out-of-pocket costs with this type of plan, and will probably have to meet an annual deductible.
  • Managed Health Plan - By taking advantage of medical provider networks who agree to offer services at pre-negotiated rates, a managed health care plan generally has lower costs and claims filing is taken care of for you, but you usually have a reduced amount of choices when it comes to which physicians you can see. Examples of this type of healthcare plans are an HMO, a PPO, and a POS.

The differences between indemnity and managed health plans is easily summed up this way:, managed health care plan usually has lower out-of-pocket expenses for you and requires you to handle less paperwork, whereas an indemnity plan gives you more choices when it comes to who you can see for medical care. eHealthInsurance makes it very easy to compare the personal medical insurance offerings available, allowing you to quickly decide which plan is right for you.

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