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Individual Health Plans - Considerations When Shopping For Coverage

Posted on 6 May 2011

fun88首页, health plans provide coverage for one individual person, the named insured.  Many people will purchase an individual health plan when they don’t have medical coverage through an employer, spouse or other family member (such as parents). When shopping for individual health insurance coverage, there are a few things to be aware of - many of which will have a direct impact on the monthly premium paid. discussed buying coverage and what to consider when looking at the various options. Fortunately, we live in an age that allows us to quickly and easily view health coverage options via the Internet. Contrast this to years gone by that would have required us to spend a lot of time on the phone calling different providers, or visiting local insurance agents while exploring different medical plan options.

Health care insurance for individuals comes in a couple different flavors, depending on what type of coverage one needs, and the budget for health care insurance available to spend each month. fun88首页, are several things that have an impact on the premium paid each month, such as:

  • Age and location - It is no secret that the older a person is, the more likely they are going to require medical care. Therefore, the older a person is, the more likely it is their individual health plan premium is going to be higher, especially when compared to a healthy, young person. Premiums vary (sometimes wildly) based on the part of the country the policy is based in. Different areas have higher overall health costs, and the monthly medical plan premium will reflect this.
  • Amount of coverage - The more a health plan with cover, the more expensive it tends to be. This makes sense, doesn’t it? A bare-bones policy that really only covers a catastrophic medical event will be less expensive than a plan that offers routine medical coverage, maternity coverage, and has prescription medicine coverage.
  • Deductible level - The health plan deductible is the amount that the insured has to pay out of pocket before the health plan will kick in. This can vary from a zero deductible to upwards of $10,000. The higher the deductible (therefore, the more responsibility the insured takes on personally), generally the lower the premium. If one has a high deductible health plan, they may be eligible for a health savings account (HSA), which helps pay for medical costs they incur.

The above three bullet points are just a sampling of ways an individual health insurance plan premium can vary, depending on the type of policy and coverage desired. This is why it is extremely important to shop around to explore different plan options from different plan providers. The Internet makes this process fairly simple, with websites available that allow for side by side comparisons of different plan types and providers, while also offering educational resources to help one make an informed decision.

Cheap health insurance for individuals is literally a few mouse clicks away. One can instantly get free quotes to help locate cheap health insurance for individuals without getting up from the computer. It is vitally important to explore the available options for coverage before making a decision regarding health coverage.

fun88首页, depending on prior health history, the available health plan options may be more limited, or the provider may specifically exclude certain ailments, either permanently, or for a specific period of time. These are things that people who get coverage through employers (group coverage) don’t generally have to be concerned with. However, it is a different world when one is having to purchase individual health coverage on their own.

Be informed. Learn what options are available. Choose the best coverage for your particular situation and budget.

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