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Group Health Insurance Coverage For Small Groups

Posted on 27 June 2011, is the type of coverage offered by many companies to their employees and differs from individual and family coverage that many individuals (or families) purchase on their own. Group health insurance coverage is often associated with having a job with a larger employer, or possibly with those business owners looking to offer coverage to those that work for them. However, there are ways to get group coverage when you fall outside of what is typically associated with this type of medical insurance.

Fox Business wrote about alternative ways to get group coverage and mentions some great ways to get medical insurance coverage when individual or family coverage isn’t the best bet. As the article says, just because you don’t work for a company that offers group coverage, or just because you aren’t a business owner yourself, doesn’t mean that all is lost if group health coverage is what you are looking for.

Let’s first briefly look at the differences between group health coverage and individual coverage., plans can sometimes be a more expensive coverage option, but for good reason. Group insurance plans often times don’t have the extensive underwriting process that individual coverage requires, and usually doesn’t preclude a person from getting coverage due to a preexisting condition. Also, the deductible for group coverage is often lower than individual coverage (though individual coverage deductible options vary all over the map), and the coverage itself is usually very good with a group plan.

Individual health coverage is a great option for those without a history of health problems - in other words, those that are generally very healthy. However, individual coverage can become very hard, if not impossible, to get for those with a long medical history of health problems. This is where the ability to receive group medical coverage can be a literal lifesaver. While the costs might be higher than an individual policy, the mere fact that group health coverage is a possibility, makes the higher costs seem like a minor obstacle.

Some states allow companies with only one employee to have a group health policy, while most others allow a company with two or more employees to offer this coverage. This means that an entrepreneur who puts their spouse on the payroll can have a group plan just for the two of them. This greatly increases the health coverage options, especially for those with a history of medical issues that might not be able to get coverage otherwise.

Many trade associations also offer a group coverage option for their members. This allows an entrepreneur to get the benefits of group health coverage without needing to hire employees to have their company be eligible for this type of coverage. They can simply join an association they are eligible for that offers group coverage to the membership, and they can get group coverage this way.

People that are not entrepreneurs can still benefit from group coverage through associations they might be eligible to join. For example, AARP offers group coverage options for those that are able to join. Find several associations that you are eligible to join and look over their group coverage options. Choose the one that best fits your needs and you are on your way to getting group coverage with a minimum of effort.

Business owners can get a free online group health insurance quote instantly from a variety of top providers, without needing to do much more than click a mouse and enter a bit of basic information. The ability to get online group health insurance quotes anytime of the day, any day of the week, has greatly simplified the process of seeing if group coverage is a viable option for an entrepreneur.

No matter how you get it, group health coverage is a great way for even the smallest of companies, or eligible individuals, to get medical insurance coverage when they have no other options., choose a group health policy if you are not able to get individual coverage, or if you are business owner looking to offer health benefits to your employees. In the sometimes confusing landscape of health insurance policies, group health coverage offers what many are looking for.

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