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Getting Workers Comp Insurance Costs Under Control

Posted on 27 May 2011

Workers comp insurance is a no-fault coverage that pays out when an employee is hurt on the job, regardless of who is responsible for the injuries. Workers comp insurance is mandatory coverage in most situations, in most locations, when a company has employees (other than the owner, usually). While workers compensation coverage is mandatory, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay more than you need. There are some steps you can take to get your costs under control.

In a recent article,, talks about how to reduce workers comp coverage costs, outlining 5 steps that you can take in order to help reduce your company’s expenditures in this area.

Workers comp coverage, sometimes called workman’s compensation insurance, can be reduced by taking some steps within your company. Of course, there are many things outside of the control of your company when it comes to workman’s compensation insurance rates, but there are several key steps to take that any company that pays for this coverage should consider.

  1. How safe if your employee’s work environment? One of the easiest ways to reduce workers comp costs is to reduce the amount the coverage is used. A safe work environment reduces the chances an employee will be injured on the job. This means that machinery and equipment must be properly maintained, with all available safety systems in place. The work areas must be properly lit and employees must have safe work areas that are ergonomically correct.
  2. Promote a safe work environment by continually training your employees in safe work procedures. Reward your employees when they work safety,, encouraging them to keep on their toes to reduce on the job injuries.
  3. Get injured workers back on the job in a timely fashion. The longer an employee is out due to a workers comp claim, the more insurance coverage is going to be used. Reducing the time away for an employee that was injured helps lower over insurance costs. This may mean bringing the employee back part time, or in a different capacity until they are fully able to resume their normal job duties. Most people will go stir crazy if they stay at home, so offering them the ability to return to work in some capacity is a win-win for all parties involved.
  4. Promote employee well being with a company wide program. Encouraging employees to lead a healthier life will lead to a reduction of work related injuries, as well as speed up the healing time for those that are injured. This may mean that a company should offer health club memberships, start a wellness program, or offer incentives for employee to lead a healthier lifestyle (through losing weight, quitting smoking, etc).
  5. Ensure that your company has the right job classification for different employees. It is no secret that some jobs are more prone to injuries than others. For example, a construction worker is more apt to be injured than someone working in an office. Because of this, each job category has a classification that is used to determine workers comp rates. It is very important that your employees have the right classification so that your company is being charged the right amount for each job, and not paying too much premium because your employees have the wrong job classification.

As outlined above,, you can see that while workers compensation insurance rates are based upon how many employees a company has, as well as what industry it is in and what the job titles are, there are some steps that a company can take in order to reduce its coverage costs. Reducing the amount that workers comp coverage is used will have a direct affect on the premiums a company pays, which makes complete sense. This should be incentive enough for any company to ensure they are doing everything they can to have the safest work environment and make sure their employees are conscientious of doing their part to reduce on the job injuries.

If you need workers comp coverage, make sure your company shops around to find the best rates. It is easy to request a free workers compensation insurance quote online, where you are able to comparison shop leading insurance companies to find the best rates. Using the Internet to get free workers compensation insurance quotes is about the easiest way to ensure you are starting out paying the lowest rates for this important, and mandatory, coverage.

Workers comp coverage is something that most companies can’t get away from, but by following the steps outlined above, and using a healthy dose of common sense, every company has a fighting chance of lowering the amount they pay for this commercial coverage.

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