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Your company needs a fidelity bond to protect against dishonest or fraudulent acts by those that work for you. Also known as employee dishonest bonds, fidelity bond insurance is something to consider if your employees are able to cause harm financially to either your company or your customers. Put simply, fidelity bonds cover your business when you have dishonest, or fraudulent, employees.

You need to spend your time working on your business, not figuring out which company you should get coverage from. This is why it makes sense to use NetQuote to quickly get fidelity bond quotes from top insurance providers., allows you to fill out a simple online form and quickly get FREE, no-obligation business insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies, allowing you to easily compare your options.

fidelity bond insurance quotes

Fidelity Bond Insurance - Do You Need It?

If you have employees that are able to cause financial harm to clients, then you need to consider fidelity bond insurance, also known as an employee dishonesty bond. You work hard to build your business, so make sure that the actions of a dishonest employee will not cause your dream to unravel.

An example of a business that could benefit from this coverage is a carpet cleaning company. Because employees are in the customer's home cleaning carpets, there is always the possibility that they might be tempted to steal.

Another time to consider fidelity bond insurance is when you have employees in a position to steal from your business. No matter how much you think this might not happen, there have been countless numbers of dishonest employees in the past. Protecting your company should be a top priority,, is where fidelity bonds come into action.

Businesses of all sizes experience losses due to dishonest employees. While it is a possibility you would rather not consider, billions of dollars are lost each year due to employee theft. If you have employees that are capable of causing financial harm to either you or your customers, then you really need to look into fidelity bond coverage.

Quotes for Fidelity Bonds, just like any other type of business insurance, you need to be smart when shopping for fidelity bond quotes. You owe it to your company to get multiple quotes so that you have a good understanding of what is available and what the coverage costs. Fortunately, when you make use of NetQuote's secure online form, you are able to quickly request FREE, no-obligation quotes from top insurance carriers, without much effort.

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fidelity bond insurance quotes

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