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Small business employee health insurance plans give business owners the ability to offer health coverage to their employees. Considering that health insurance is a benefit most employees covet, offering an employee medical insurance plan gives your company a leg up on your competition. Most companies are eligible for group health coverage. All that is required is that you have two full-time employees, which can include owners, and that the company operates as a recognized business entity.

Locating and purchasing the right group health insurance for employees plan can be difficult if you aren't familiar with group health insurance. Use NetQuote's FREE, no-obligation service to request FREE, no-obligation employee health insurance plan quotes to find local or national health insurance agents that are willing to work with you to find the right plan that fits the needs of your company and your employees. As the leading online insurance marketplace,, specializes in finding insurance agents, at no expense to you, that are able to fill your insurance needs.

Small Business Employee Health Insurance Plan Considerations

Having the ability to offer an employee health insurance plan to those that work for your company has its benefits, including:

  • Satisfied workers - Health insurance benefits are valued by the majority of employees and offering health coverage will boost employee moral and allow your company to attract more top quality workers.
  • Coverage available to anyone - Group employee health insurance plans usually have to accept anyone,, which means that those denied coverage under an individual or family health plan can generally get coverage under a group plan offered by their employer.
  • Tax benefits - Any premiums your company pays towards employee medical insurance plans is generally tax deductible, but you need to consult with your accountant regarding this matter. This can help offset the costs your company incurs when offering your employees medical insurance.

When your company has a small business employee health insurance plan in place, both you and your employees can benefit. Use NetQuote's FREE, no-obligation service to locate group health insurance professionals that are able to further discuss with you how a group health plan can benefit your business.

Employee Medical Insurance Plan Quotes

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