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DIY Insurance Agent Leads

Posted on 13 May 2011

Access to a steady supply of insurance agent leads is vital if an insurance agent wishes to grow their client base. As a matter of fact, without insurance agent leads, an agent might as well pack up their bags and head home, as it is really hard to sell coverage without first having someone to sell it to.

There are a few ways to get insurance leads - an agent can sit by the phone hoping for someone to call for a coverage quote, they can purchase Internet insurance leads from a lead provider, or they can create a website of their own to try and collect leads that they don’t have to pay for. Probably the easiest way to get leads is to purchase Internet insurance leads from a reputable provider, as you can have instant access to pre-qualified individuals. However,, for those brave individuals, or those really wanting to save a buck, the option to create a lead generation website is available.

Good insurance agent lead generation sites are a very effective way to get a lot of leads in short amount of time that are also of very good quality. In fact, this can be a more affordable way to get leads than just buying a list of leads from a company. However, you have to know what you are doing and it is going to take time to drive traffic to your lead generation site.

Insurance agents already know how vital lead generation is to the lifeline of their business. Websites allow you to compile a list of good potential customers while also making the process easier when it comes to follow up with people who have already shown some interest.

It can be a fairly simple task to create a website like this, assuming you know what you are doing. Otherwise, be prepared to pay someone to create it for you. An auto responder will be needed to save all the information from potential customers. This software is how you will build your mailing list and put you one step closer to growing you client base.

Automatic email sending needs to be set up on a regular schedule since it can sometimes take many attempts at contact for a person to reach out for more information from you.

When a person does reach out to you through one of those automated emails you can then focus in on them specifically. Give them contact details so they can easily reach you if they have questions or need more information as well as thank them for their interest in what you have to offer them., conduct a follow up the next day with additional information to help them in making their decision. This follow up should give them reasons why they shouldn’t wait to fill out an application.

If the first follow up you conduct doesn’t convince them to submit their application you should continue your focus with daily emails that provide more useful tips and information about the insurance you are offering them. This keeps you in their thoughts and makes them more likely to apply through you rather than someone else.

As you can see, the process of gathering insurance sales leads can be tedious and long, which is why it might just be easier in the long run to join an insurance lead program. When you join a reputable insurance lead program you can purchase pre-qualified leads from individuals that are looking specifically for the product you sell, in the area that you serve. This can save a great deal of time and effort, and is an almost instantaneous way to start building up your client base.

Get free insurance leads when you join a lead program, which allows you to see the quality of leads you will be getting. If you are satisfied, you can continue on using the service., you don’t like what you see, then you are not out any money. With the availability of free insurance leads, you have nothing to loose.

Whatever way you choose to get insurance agent leads, the very fact that you are able to get them means that you have a fighting chance in becoming a successful insurance agent. Without leads you have no business, so start getting your insurance leads today!

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