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Using the Internet to get individual or family dental insurance quotes will make the entire process a breeze. The ability to instantly get dental insurance rates and compare one plan against another is what makes shopping online for dental coverage unique. Get a FREE dental insurance quote online today!

The best place to get a dental coverage quote online is eHealthInsurance, the online leader in health insurance plans. Because they represent the top dental insurance companies,, is able to showcase the best dental plans and they allow you to compare plans, instantly get a FREE, no-obligation dental insurance rates quote, and apply for coverage, all from your computer. Visit eHealthInsurance to get your free coverage quote today!

Dental Insurance Plans

Whether you are looking for a family or individual dental insurance quote, you first need to understand what your options are. First off, dental insurance is similar to health insurance in that you pay a premium each month and get coverage for certain dental procedures.

Indemnity and managed-care dental plans are the two types of coverages available., an indemnity plan generally requires you to pay for services and then seek reimbursement from your insurance, but offers you a great deal of flexibility in choosing which dentist you wish to visit.

Because they contract with a network of dentists that have agreed to offer their services at a reduced rate, a managed-care dental plan restricts you to seeking care from their network of dentists. As a result, the dental insurance rates you pay are typically lower than an indemnity plan and a managed-care solution handles claim paperwork for you.

Always get dental insurance quotes from several different providers to compare which type of plan best fits your budget and your needs. A managed-care dental plan will tend to be more affordable and easier to manage, while an indemnity plan will offer you greater flexibility. Use eHealthInsurance's free website to compare your options side-by-side.

Dental Insurance Quotes

The dental insurance quotes you receive through eHealthInsurance's easy to use website will be the lowest possible for any particular dental plan. The dental insurance rates quotes you get from,, the provider, or from your local agent will all be identical for a certain dental plan because rates are regulated by your state's Department of Insurance.

Not only can you instantly get a dental coverage quote for free through eHealthInsurance, but you can compare your options and learn about the different types of coverage. eHealthInsurance does not charge a fee to use their website; they just offer the best dental insurance rates for the coverage you need.

Instantly get FREE, no-obligation dental insurance quotes from eHealthInsurance today!

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