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Before you can compare health insurance plans,, need to be familiar with the two main types - indemnity and managed care plans. An indemnity health insurance plan has been around the longest and is the most inconvenient as it makes you pay for services up front and seek reimbursement from your provider. Managed care plans have come about more recently and offer many benefits, as explained in the next section.

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Managed Health Insurance Plans Comparison

Below is a health insurance plans comparison, showing you the differences between the 3 types of managed health insurance plans.

  • HMO - A Health Maintenance Organization is a very affordable health insurance plan, but with less flexibility in choosing who to receive care from. You are required to not only pick a primary care physician,, but this doctor must give you referrals to see specialists. A deductible and copayments are not usually a part of an HMO, resulting in less out-of-pocket costs with this type of health insurance plan.
  • PPO - A Preferred Provider Organization lets you choose which doctors you see but you will pay less out-of-pocket if you see in-network physicians who have negotiated lower service rates with your insurance carrier. You may have to pay a copayment or coinsurance for certain health care services, and most likely there is an annual deductible you will need to satisfy. A PPO is very flexible when it comes to choosing your doctors, but you will spend a bit more for this flexibility.
  • POS - A Point of Service health insurance plan offers some features from a PPO and some features from an HMO. Like a PPO, you can choose your doctor or specialist without a referral, but these visits may be subject to an annual deductible. And like an HMO, you have to choose a primary care physician but visits to this doctor cost you less as generally there is not a deductible associated with them.

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