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If your company owns vehicles used for business purposes, then you need to have a commercial auto insurance policy. Having good insurance for your company vehicles is vital in order to protect your business from damages to a third party caused by the operation of commercial vehicles., today to get your FREE, no-obligation quotes for commercial auto insurance.

Commercial auto insurance is very similar to insurance for private vehicles. The main difference is that while a private auto insurance policy does not cover business use, a commercial auto policy does. Make sure your business vehicles are protected by purchasing the right kind of vehicle insurance.

There are several parts of a commercial auto insurance policy, including liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage. Liability coverage protects against your company being sued for damages due to the operation of a company vehicle. Comprehensive coverage provides compensation for vehicle damage caused by non-collision related occurrences, such as fire or theft. Collision coverage compensates for losses that are a direct result of an automobile accident.

Shop major commercial auto insurance carriers to see which provider offers the best protection for your business vehicles. When comparing policies,, make sure the coverages are the same, as well as the deductibles. Generally, you can lower your insurance premiums by carrying a higher deductible, which means your company takes on more of the risk. The deductible is the amount your company must pay before your commercial auto insurance policy starts paying.

Always get quotes from multiple commercial auto insurance providers so that you are getting the protection your company needs at premiums it can afford. Utilize,, secure, online form to submit your company information once and receive multiple quotes from leading business insurance providers.

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