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Your health is important to you, and a personal health insurance plan is a vital part of maintaining your health. When it comes time to seek medical attention, affordable personal health insurance plans help you see doctors without having to spend a small fortune. Health plans are divided into two types and you need to be familiar with the differences so that you can purchase the health coverage that best fits your needs.

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Types of Personal Health Insurance Plans

Personal health insurance plans come in two different types, with some major differences between the two including your choice of medical professionals to see, how medical bills are paid, and your out of pocket costs. The two types are as follows:

  •, - An indemnity plan is a traditional, fee for service health insurance plan. You are not required to seek primary care from one particular doctor and you have a great deal of freedom when it comes to picking which physicians or medical facilities you go to. However, an indemnity plan may require you to pay for services up front and then reimburse you the "usual, customary and reasonable" rate. You may be required to submit paperwork for the claim and you may end up paying more out of pocket if you choose an indemnity plan, including an annual deductible.
  • Managed Care Plan - Managed care health plans take advantage of healthcare provider networks that agree to perform work at pre-negotiated rates. Examples of managed care plans are HMOs, PPOs, and POSs. You generally have fewer choices when it comes to doctors and facilities than with an indemnity plan, but your out of pocket expenses are usually lower and the filing of claims is handled for you without you needing to pay up front for services.

You can sum up the differences between the types of personal health coverage plans available as follows: Generally speaking, you have a broader choice of providers with an indemnity plan as well as less paperwork and lower out of pocket costs with a managed care plan. You can visit eHealthInsurance to compare the different personal health insurance companies and their offerings side-by-side to better understand the differences and see which plans are best for your situation.

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