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Posted 27 May 2011
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Workers compensation insurance. Companies that have employees are generally required to carry this coverage, which can be a burden if rates are not kept under control. While some rate determining factors are out of the control of the business purchasing coverage,,there are some steps that can be taken in order to limit the use of this coverage, which may result in lower coverage costs.

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance VS. Traditional Auto Insurance

Posted 23 May 2011
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When you buy an RV you have a couple of choices when it comes to insurance coverage. You may be able to add the rig to an existing automobile insurance policy, or you can purchase a specialized RV insurance policy. Going with an RV insurance policy will generally get you better coverage options and will most likely make you happier if you ever have to use your coverage.

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DIY Insurance Agent Leads

Posted 13 May 2011
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Insurance leads are what insurance agents live and die by. Without them they have no steady source of new clients. With them they have a steady stream of people looking for coverage. When it comes to getting insurance leads, the agent has a couple of choices -, can purchase them from a lead program, or they can try and get them on their own.

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Medical Insurance For Self Employed Individuals - Some Options

Posted 9 May 2011
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Health insurance can be a major sticking point for those that are self employed, however there are some good ways to get the medical coverage you are seeking. Take the time to explore the health coverage options for the self employed and find a plan that meets your needs, and your budget.

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Individual Health Plans - Considerations When Shopping For Coverage

Posted 6 May 2011
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An individual health plan is one way a single person can get medical coverage so that they can have access to affordable medical care. There are quite a few things that must be considered when shopping for health coverage, many of which will affect the premium paid for coverage.

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Brief Guide To Basic Business Insurance - Part III

Posted 2 May 2011
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In the final installment of our brief guide to basic business insurance coverage, we discuss small business medical insurance and the different coverage options a business owner has. Small business medical insurance is a hot topic as of late, as is health care in general. Companies willing and able to provide medical coverage for their [...]

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