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Group Medical Insurance Plans

Small Group Medical Plans - Get FREE Quotes

Small group medical insurance plans are ideal for any business wishing to offer this benefit to its employees. Medical coverage is a benefit that many employees look for when they are considering taking a position. By offering group medical plans, you are putting your company in a very competitive position.

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Small Group Medical Insurance Plans

When it comes to selecting small group medical insurance plans, managed care plans are the most common, as well as the most affordable, option available today. Because they utilize a network of doctors that have agreed to offer their services at reduced rates, managed care group medical plans tend to cost less than the more traditional indemnity plans. Managed care coverage comes in the following three varieties:

  • HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization - HMOs require you to have a primary care physician that manages your care. If you have to see a specialist, then your primary care physician will refer you to the appropriate doctor. There may not be any annual deductible with these plans and you will most likely have access to a good number of preventive care services. If you seek coverage outside of your HMO network, or see a specialist without first getting a referral, you will most likely have to pay the entire bill as your plan probably excludes coverage in such instances.
  • PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization - As long as you seek care from any doctor in your PPO network, you should be covered. A PPO doesn't require you to have a primary care physician which means you will have more flexibility in seeking medical care. Depending on the type of group plan you have, you may have an annual deductible you have to satisfy before the plan pays for care, and you may be required to pay a percentage of any treatment once your deductible has been satisfied. While a PPO tends to be more flexible than an HMO, you will usually pay a higher premium for this flexibility.
  • POS, or Point of Service - POS plans blend features of HMOs and PPOs, such as requiring you to choose a primary care physician, while letting you seek coverage outside of your network, though at a higher cost to you.

Choosing among the small group insurance plans requires you to weigh the pros and cons of each type, while getting a plan that offers the coverage your employees desire. By using NetQuote, you not only get FREE, no-obligation coverage quotes, but you are able to easily locate an agent that is able to guide you through your options and explain how each type of coverage can benefit your company and your employees.

FREE, No-Obligation Group Medical Plan Quotes

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