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Group Health Insurance Quotes

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Health insurance is a major benefit that many people look for when they are considering taking a new job. As an employer, you should consider offering a group health insurance plan for yourself and your employees. Visit eHealthInsurance to receive FREE, no-obligation online quotes for group health insurance from major health insurance carriers.

When your company offers a group health insurance plan to employees, it often times helps to attract the best people for the job. Health insurance is one of the things that many people look for when considering which company they would like to work for. Place your company ahead of the competition by offering the benefits your employees, and potential employees, are looking for.

With most group health insurance plans, the employer is required to pay 50% of the employee's insurance premiums. The employee would be responsible for the remainder of the health premium, as well as the premium for their dependents. The cost sharing structure varies by state and also may vary depending on the insurance provider you choose. The premiums that the company pays may be tax deductible for the business. Always check with a tax professional regarding tax deduction matters.

In order for a business to be eligible to have a group health plan, it needs to be a legitimate business entity (not just formed to get insurance), have at least two full-time employees (may be the owners) and contribute the minimum percentage as set by the health insurance provider. If your company is able to meet these simple requirements, a group health insurance plan may be the right choice for you.

Use eHealthInsurance's secure online interface to get FREE, no-obligation quotes for group health insurance from major insurance companies to see if this is a benefit that you should consider. The rates eHealthInsurance quotes you for a particular plan are the lowest available, as insurance premiums are set by each state and are constant for a particular plan no matter where you purchase coverage from.

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