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Workers Comp Insurance Costs Exorbitant For One Sports Team

Posted 30 March 2011

Workers compensation insurance coverage is familiar to most small business owners that have employees, as they are most likely required to carry this type of insurance. However, did you know that professional sports teams also need works comp insurance? Here is the story of one team that had to cancel their 2011 season because of high coverage costs.

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Proposed Regulation Affecting Student Health Insurance Plans

Posted 28 March 2011
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Last moth the Department of Health and Human Services proposed a new regulation bringing student health insurance plans in line with the protections offered by the Affordable Care Act. If adopted, these new regulations mean that student health coverage is treated more like a traditional individual policy, rather than the hodge podge coverage it is today.

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Lack Of Dental Insurance Leads To Man’s Death

Posted 21 March 2011
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Learn from the unfortunate tragedy of a Florida man who died due to complications related to organ failure after taking a more than recommended does of over the counter pain medication to deal with a toothache. Because of his lack of dental insurance he put off getting dental care for his toothache, which ultimately resulted in his untimely death.

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance For Full Timers

Posted 18 March 2011
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Full time RV insurance coverage differs from a conventional RV policy in that it provides additional personal liability and property coverage that you would otherwise have through a homeowners insurance policy. If you are living full time on your rig, you will need to have the proper type of recreational vehicle insurance coverage to protect you from life’s little happenings.

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Directors And Officers Insurance Coverage Is Important Worldwide

Posted 16 March 2011
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Directors and officers insurance coverage is an important type of business coverage for companies that have top management that are in a position to be held liable for actions that they take during the course of performing their job. Foreign companies that operate in the United States are wise to carry this type of business coverage, especially if they could be held liable for violations of federal securities laws.

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Shopping For Insurance Online

Posted 14 March 2011
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The Internet has taken the once time consuming task of shopping for any type of insurance coverage and turned it into a simple process that saves you both time and money. Learn why shopping online for insurance might just be the right choice the next time you are in the market for coverage.

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Self Employed Health Plans - Options In Ohio

Posted 2 March 2011
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Health coverage is a major concern for entrepreneurs or anyone thinking of working for themselves. Most of us are conditioned to get health coverage through an employer, so the very thought of having to purchase a health plan on our own can be paralyzing. Explore what your self employed health plan options are before you totally freak out. You might be surprised at the variety of options available to entrepreneurs.

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